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Explore and
complete activities

Activities are challenges or activities.

Complete them by taking pictures or videos

at the designated areas.

But hurry - Activities run only for a limited time.

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Create and share
your own activities

Create your own Challenges and

share them with the community.

Challenge your friends,

show your favourite activities,

and meet people who like the same.

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Finish Quests
to earn Rewards


Quests are several activities combined.

Complete them all to win the reward.

But watch the leaderboard -

other players are competing with you.

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Complete Quests
to earn Rewards!

Publish your own Quests 
to share your favourite activities

and challenge others.


Match with the community

by completing Missions,
and help us raise donations.

Your creativity for
the Social Impact!

Your activities are part of the Social Quest.

Whenever users complete your own activity,

a donation is added to the Social Project.

You have a Social Project?

Apply now to receive donations!

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Together completing the Social Quest.

From users - for users!

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