A new era of location based passion Marketing

Social Quest  is a new location based social network that targets passions and communities in the center of its activities. Target your customers on the forefront of their emotions.

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Create passion-based experiences

Transform the essence of your brand into Quests that target the passions of your customers and our user.
Offer your products or vouchers as rewards and generate qualified leads. 

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Create Quests to build real life customer journeys

Quests are built around passions of users. They include several locations where those passions can be puirsued. 

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Offer rewards of your products or services

Let users choose for which rewards they cash in their SOCIALS, our App intern currency. Offer your products or vouchers as rewards and center your communication around healthy passions.

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Engage with your customers

Users can chat within quests and locations. Let the users talk about your brand in a passion-centered environment.

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Generate qualified leads directly to your shop

Let users click on your online-shop or lead them directly to your store and receive qualified leads of potential customers.

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Offer your products or services as rewards
(its free)

Generate qualified leads for free! Choose the rewards you want to offer and the amount of Socials the user needs to cash in. Choose if you want to offer discount codes for less Socials or give away your product or service for free for a bigger amount of Socials.

List your own quests and locations 

Discover a new way to engage potential customers in a passion-based user journey. Let users talk about your brand, products or services as they pursue their hobbies and build real-life communities. Build your brand awareness in those passion-groups your brand identity is based in.

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Curious about the user perspective?

Download the Social Quest App and experience the journey from a user perspective

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Creating passionate communitites


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