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Discover and open Places
to follow your Passions 
meet new 
and generate Social Impact. ♥️

Social Quest is a location-based social network
that transforms places into digital communities.

Quests & Locations

Choose your passions (we call them quests) and discover all the locations in your area where you can pursue those passions. You can also collaborate your own locations so others in the app can visit them. Be active and go after your passions!

Social Network

We are creating a social network with locations and passions in its center. Subscribe to quests and locations and join their chat respectively. View quest & location feeds and post your own pictures from your activiteis. Chat with others and meet like-minded people.

Social Impact

With every activity you're doing in the app you will earn Socials (our App-intern coin). For those socials you can choose between a variety of App-intern rewards or rewards for real people in need e.g. meals for people or schoolbooks for children.

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Follow your passions and explore locations

Discover all locations, where you can follow your passion.
Visit them and share your activities to connect with people.

You can also add your own locations and

to build local commun so that other can also visit them.


Build local communites

Connect to other like-minded people who share the same passions as you do. Join Quest- and Location-Chats to talk to others and make e.g. appointments for a table tennis match in the park around the corner. 


Earn Socials and do good ♥️

Social Quest really is a social network. For every activity you are doing, being it signing up for Social Quest, post pictures to a certain activity or leveling up because you're doing something often, you will earn Socials, our App-intern currency. In the reward section you can choose if you want to spend your socials for premium features or for things for people in need like food, schoolbooks or hygiene articles.


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